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Blunt Scooters started in 2009 in Melbourne Australia by making aftermarket parts to fit the (existing) complete options. The Scooter Industry was young with only a few brands providing scooters to an ever growing crew of young riders. Envy Scooters started out.  

In 2011, Blunt scooters started being sold under the Envy brand where it is now a major force in USA, Canada, South America, The Asia Pacific, Asia, Africa and Middle Eastern regions.  The strong Blunt brand is still used in European and UK regions.  Both Envy and Blunt have the same great high quality parts with just a different name.  

Fasen scooters started was started by the Envy/Blunt team in association with pro-rider Brendon Smith in 2011 as a result of the need to bring out a range of highest quality, cutting edge parts.  Fasen’s focus is on aftermarket products with sleek, radical designs. The core of Fasen is quality over quantity with a range of products including Decks, Bars, Forks. 

Envy/Blunt and Fasen are always pushing the sport whether it be in product design or support of riders through one of the largest ranges of Signature rider products available. Envy/Blunt and Fasen scooters will continually push the research and development of their products forward for the growth of the scooter Industry and best possible scooters and parts for the demands of scooter riders across the globe.



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