Para’Kito is a global leading mosquito protection brand that uses only natural active ingredients in all of their products.  Their unique blend of essential oils, patented slow-release technology and incredible product design are the key drives behind the success. They have a range of repellants that are just as effective as the strongest chemical based repellants on the market, but use all natural ingredients and with minimal amount of repellant actives making them the safest and most effective repellants on the market. Their repellant spray is the only one in the world that does not have alcohol.  This is important because alcohol opens pores which both dries out skin and encourages the skin to absorb the repellant on it which increases the chemicals absorbed and reduces the amount of repellant doing its job.  Without alcohol, the skin is not dried out and absorbs less repellant, leaving healthier skin with the repellant on the surface of the skin where it can be effective instead of being absorbed where it has no benefit.  Another repellant is coconut oil based so it also serves as an after sun skin repair and moisturizer and is waterproof. The waterproof mosquito repelling wristbands and clips hold refillable pellets that repel mosquitos for 15 days without the pellet touching the wearer’s skin – making it safe for young children and pregnant ladies.

This brand page is currently under construction. Products will be available to purchase online soon.