Our Environmental Commitments


> We select the most natural and least transformed ingredients and permanently strive to look for the most environment friendly suppliers.
> We choose industrial partners respecting ecological and social issues.
> We conceive all our products with quality and sustainability in mind, as well as refillability when it comes to our wristbands.
> We opt for recyclable, sustainably sourced packaging materials (our production is FSC* certified).
> Our spray bottles are made of recycled plastic or bagasse-derived polymers (a sugar cane by-product).
> We optimize our logistical flows with 3 assembly sites (Europe/Asia/America) to be the closest possible to our markets.


Under the guidance of Catherine Touzard, our advisor in sustainable development and eco-design, we met Dr. Willie Smits, Indonesia representative at COP events and passionate about sustainable reforestation.

We support his Masarang Foundation by planting fruit trees on the compound of the Tasikoki vet clinic in Indonesia, where endangered animals are cared for before being reintroduced to wild life.

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* FSC : Forest Stewardship Council