Awesome Full Faced Snorkel Mask

Easy breathing and great views

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You can now enjoy free natural breathing through your nose and mouth while snorkeling without having to hold anything in your mouth.  The huge 180° wide viewing window allows excellent panoramic views in the water.   


Independent, one-way air channels for inhaling and exhaling prevents fogging when breathing and keeps the air inside fresh. The snorkel mask is divided into two chambers with one-way valves controlling air movement.  Fresh air flows in the eye chamber through the center tube of the snorkel and then flows through one-way valves to the breathing chamber.  Exhaled air goes out through separate dedicated exhaust channels along the outside of the mask and then through the outer two tubes of the snorkel.  This managed one-way airflow ensures only fresh air enters the eye chamber so it does not fog.  It also ensures exhaled air is quickly forced out of the breathing chamber to prevent CO2 buildup. 

Ball Up
Ball Down

The snorkel seals automatically to keep water out when submerged or hit by a wave.  When the snorkel is out of the water, the ball drops down to allow air to freely enter the mask.  When the snorkel is submerged, the ball floats up to seal the mask and block water from getting inside. A drain valve on the bottom helps eliminate any water that accidentally gets in the mask.  

 A special Action Camera Mount can hold a camera on your forehead.  The mount can be detached and held as a handle or snapped back on while wearing the mask in the water.  This gives you hands free filming with a quick release to have hand held filming that can quickly and easily be reattached to the mask while you are snorkeling. 

The mask is made of soft food grade silicone so it is comfortable on your face, makes a great seal, and does not irritate your skin.  Two-way adjustable elastic straps make it easy to fit all head shapes and sizes. 

The snorkel folds down for easy transport and storage and the mask includes a free mesh carrying bag .

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