Awesome Waterproof Phone Bag

Keep your phone with you or make it an underwater camera

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Keep your phone safe in or around the water with this Awesome Waterproof Phone Bag.  These are perfect for taking pictures while swimming, boating, or at the waterpark or beach.

You can still have full touch screen functionality underwater or when the bag is wet except for fingerprint ID.  These bags are IPX 8 Certified for 30 meters depth in water and work with all smart phones less than 6.8″.

The phone bags come with a detachable neck strap so you can keep your phone with you even when you do not have pockets or a purse.  They can also be used to carry cash and credit cards.


1. Release the snap closure after safety test
2. Open the case gently
3. Put your smartphone inside softly
4. Close the seal smoothly and completely

Make sure you understand the instructions and properly check the phone bag for damage before each use.  Pay particular attention to the clips and bag opening while checking for holes everywhere.  Also check the bag after each use for damage from any impact with hard or sharp objects.

Test the bag each time before using by putting dry tissues inside the bag and close it. Soak and shake the bag underwater for at least 3 minutes.  Dry off the water on the outside of the bag before opening it to check if the  tissue inside got wet.  If water got inside, do not use the phone bag anymore as it is no longer waterproof.

Sudden temperature changes might cause humidity in the bag.  If this happens, open the bag and let it dry out completely.

Do not place any sharp objects inside the bag or allow sharp object to touch it as this could cause a puncture and leak.

If mud, dirt, or sand gets in the bag, wash it with clean water.  After each use, rinse chlorine or salt water off the bag and let it dry completely by  placing the bag upside down with the top open to ensure no water is left inside which could cause problems next time you use the bag.

We are not responsible for damage from misuse of the phone bag and cannot guarantee the phone bags or contents against accidental damage or against general wear and tear.  They are strong, but they can still be punctured.  We therefore recommend that you have insurance to cover the contents of the phone bags.

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