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The ultimate booster seat

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from the high chair to the grown-up chair
Cooshee® is the healthy PVCfree™ and BPAfree™ foam booster that stays put with the weight of a child! It’s an awesome seat that’s “COOL” to sit on. Cooshee comfort teaches a little kid how to behave like a big kid. Kids around the world love Cooshee.

an award winning “strapless” design for the transitional tot…
…who is ready to graduate from the security of a “safety-strapped” high chair to the family table and the big kid chair. Between the ages of 2 and 21/2 years old, toddlers are ready to do it alone. Cooshee Hybak® is a stable booster with a sturdy construction to keep it in place. As children grow in height they carry most of their weight from the waist up. Leaning over can cause most booster seats to tip. Cooshee will stay put with the simple weight of a child and it’s unique angled base will prevent tipping.

Cooshee Hybak has a backrest for comfort and perfectly positioned armrests for secure support – and it fits easily under the table. The ergonomic curved front positions the tot’s legs slightly apart, promoting proper posture. Sitting for longer periods of time is easy in a Cooshee. One piece construction with no sharp edges or small parts. Simply smart!

smart detail

  • kid friendly
  • smart modern design
  • backrest provides comfortable support
  • stays put with the weight of a child
  • dot-pod skid resistant inner seat
  • angular base prevents tipping
  • contour leg positioning
  • built-in carry handle

cooshee material

  • PVCfree and BPAfree Cooshee foam
  • proprietary micro-cellular process
  • no phthalates, BPA, lead or latex


  • Size: 15″w x 15″d x 8″h
  • Package: Clear carry bag with handle

safety compliance

  • ASTM 2460-11, CPSIA, Cal Prop 65

Additional information

Shipping Weight 2.15 kg
Shipping Dimensions 40 × 38 × 21 cm