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Allowing smaller kids to ride

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How to install a LowKit

LowKit™ lowering kit brings the frame lower below the rear axle which drops the seat 4 cm and allows kids to ride FirstBIKE from an earlier age (starting from 18 to 22 months old depending on height/length of legs).  Without the LowKit the Seat can be adjusted from 44.5 to 34.5 cm high.  The LowKit allows the seat to go as low as 30.5 cm, which is one of the lowest seat heights on the market. 

When learning to ride a balance bike the knees should be slightly bent while the feet are flat on the ground. As the rider gets used to riding, they may prefer to have the seat high enough to lift up their heals so it is easier to keep their feet up.  Once you want to raise the seat up to 34.5 cm high, it is best to remove the LowKit and lower the seat back down to the bottom. 

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