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The Tardiz helmet is designed for Triathlon, it is sunglass friendly and offers the Roll-sys® Retention System for the perfect fit and easy adjustment. It has 6 cooling vents plus the Aquavent which can be used to put water through the top of the helmet for cooling, this passes the water through the EPS aqua channels so it will not come running down your face. 

The Tardiz helmet comes with Aqua gel pads for a comfortable soft fit with channels that redirect sweat away from your eyes. 

DLA (Dual Layer Aerodynamics

The Tardiz is the first TT / Triathlon helmet with multiple surface treatments for optimal aerodynamics. The helmet exists out of 2 parts : a front glossy surface and a back matte dimpled surface. The front smooth glossy surface provides the best possible airflow and the least resistance in the area where the helmet first makes contact with the air. Front vents allow the air to flow through the front part of the helmet and around the head to keep the rider cool. This heated air escapes out of the back vents where the air gets trapped on the matte dimpled surface. This low pressure area helps to pull the cooler air over the front smooth glossy surface of the helmet. At speed the helmet will actually help pull itself through the air. 

Lazer Roll-sys® Retention System 

The Roll-sys retention system gives you accurate and progressive sizing adjustment using a unique roller at the top of the helmet, allowing you to easily alter your fit with one finger, even while riding. The roller regulates the tension of a cable that is routed around the entire circumference of the head, giving totally even retention without pressure points or pinching. The system automatically centres the helmet on your head an also accommodates ponytails. Roll-sys is patented by Lazer and only available on Lazer Helmets. 

Adjustable head basket 

The adjustable head basket allows the back part of the Rollsys system (that grips the back of the head) to move up and down depending on the riders preference. This way the Rollsys system can be adjusted even more to individual rider needs and can create even more comfort.

Lazer Inclination Sensor compatible

A personal trainer inside your helmet. Maintain your most aerodynamic position.

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