Lollacup Innovative Straw Sippy Cup

Cute, fun, and easy to use

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Lollacup is an innovative and stylish straw sippy cup whose unique design helps infants and toddlers successfully use a straw. Lollacup’s valve-free, flexible straw has a weighted end that alllows children to drink effortlessly, even when the cup is tilted. 

Lollacup was created by a mother who was surprised to see her daughter drink from a straw at nine months old. When her pediatrician suggested weaning her daughter to a straw instead of a sippy, she immediately purchased several toddler straw cups but realized that her daughter could not get a sip out of any of them.  

Lollacup’s Features

  • Modern and whimsical animal-shaped cup that appeals to parents and children.  
  • BPA and phthalate-free. Parts conform to the USCPSC’s small parts regulation.  
  • Flexible straw with a weighted end that anchors in liquid to help young children drink effectively at most angles.  
  • Sipping from a straw helps practice coordination of mouth muscles that helps them develop clear speech.  
  • Straw is valve-free, making it easy for young children to sip.  
  • Handle is easily removable from the base of the cup for placement in most cup holders.  
  • Minimal parts make the cup easy to clean.  
  • Straw-cleaning brush included for added convenience.  
  • The cup is top rack dishwasher safe.  
  • Made in the USA. 

Additional information

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